A Breath of Fresh Air - Recap

A bit late on the post, but A Breath of Fresh Air was a tremendous success! Due largely in part to the overwhelming support from our friends and community, Atled was able to put on a completely new style of underground hip-hop show.

For those unfamiliar with the event, we wanted to take a departure from the all too common model of hip-hop show, which relies on either the exploitation of the artist, or the sacrificing of artistic integrity out of necessity. A Breath of Fresh Air was financed, planned, and run entirely by the artists and creative themselves. Seeing as how there was virtually no outside influence, A Breath of Fresh Air was, in essence, the purest form of hip-hop show possible.

Truly a team effort, we were incredibly thankful for everyone who came out and supported the event. If anything, the unprecedented success of A Breath of Fresh Air further iterated that this type of event is not only possible, but can thrive in this beautiful city.

Check out some shots of the event below, all snapped by @GawddessVisuals